About MADNow

Get to Know Us

Make A Difference (MADNow) Now is a registered 501c(3) award-winning non-profit that has developed a unique model to help impoverished children. Our mission is to provide quality education to vulnerable children and youth through scholarships, school improvement and career training programs.

MAD has been making a difference in the lives of children for over ten years now. We’re slowly growing by providing more children with access to quality educational opportunities globally.


Who do we help?

Children that are orphaned or impoverished. Typically, coming from households that make an average of no more than $30 a month. Donations go towards their school fees, school supplies, accommodation, three meals a day and medical care.



What is the problem we’re trying to solve?

There are numerous nonprofit organizations providing basic care but very few providing quality care to get children out of poverty and teach them to be self-sufficient.



Where do we work?

We’re helping children from Tanzania, Zambia, Burundi, Peru, Nepal and Syria. Countries where education isn’t free or there is war going on.



Why is our work important?

Providing impoverished youth with access to quality education enables them to have a chance at obtaining jobs that pay well. Education also plays a major role in women’s empowerment.


Our Team

Who makes up our team?

Learn about our staff, board members and advisors.

Our Story

How was MAD started?

Every organization has a story behind it. Read about ours.


Being Called to Make A Difference

Make A Difference (MAD) Now was founded in 2008 by one person feeling called to make a difference in the world. She started with an orphanage of children; raising and encouraging them. After time, the calling steadily grew into an award-winning organization that has been helping children all the way through college and developing schools around the world. Here are some of the milestones.

MAD receives the 2019 Gold Seal of Transparency from GuideStar.

Student updates: Mary graduates from secondary school in Tanzania. Revo receives his first paid internship at Thomson Reuters in Boston, MA.

MAD launches a Computer Certificate Program for Girls and commits to sending 1,000 impoverished girls through program by 2020.

MAD celebrates its 10th anniversary.

MAD receives the GreatNonprofits 2018 Top-Rated Nonprofit award.

MAD launches its first pilot Computer Certificate Program to 50 impoverished children throughout Tanzania.

Student updates: Eliona and Christopher are accepted into accounting programs at Moshi Cooperative College. Esther gets into the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Benedict, Innocent, Exuper and Shabani get into KCMC Medical College in Tanzania. Omega is accepted into Mzumbe University in Tanzania to study accounting. Edward is accepted into Sokoine University in Tanzania and Stanley is accepted into Mzumbe University to study law.

MAD starts to support four girls in Peru through advanced level studies.

Student updates: Innocent, Christina, Benny, Jonasi and Exuper graduate from secondary school.

MAD commits to supporting a student near a war-zone in Syria to study in the USA. She will graduate from high school in 2020.
MAD commits to support a student from a war-zone in Burundi to study in the USA. He will graduate from high school in 2020.
MAD commits to supporting another vulnerable student from Tanzania. She will graduate from high school in 2020.

MAD conducts a girls’ empowerment workshop empowering 240 girls in Tanzania with Professor Olga Tsoudis.

Student updates: Deo gets into Memorial University to study medicine in Canada. Revo receives a full-ride scholarship to Duke University to study data science. Neema gets into the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania to study accounting.

MAD builds its third classroom to benefit 500 students.

MAD commits to supporting a student from Zambia through college so he can become a physician’s assistant.

Student updates: All twenty-two children from the orphanage have graduated from primary school and are in boarding. Neema and Omega graduate from secondary school.

Salesforce employees build the first basketball court in Himo, Tanzania for 300 students with MAD.

MAD provides Internet to a rural school.

MAD builds a technology center and donates 40 iPads, 20 computers, two slide projectors and a larger printer to a rural school.

Salesforce employees come over to Tanzania to volunteer with MAD for the first time.

MAD finishes a 700,000 square foot library to serve 50,000 people in the Kilimanjaro community.

MAD launches a MAD Sports Program for vulnerable children covering how to swim, ride a bike, take care of and ride a horse, play tennis, rope climb and play basketball.

MAD helps rebuild a technology room after the earthquake of 2010 in Haiti.

MAD establishes its first office in downtown Moshi, Tanzania.

MAD Launches Summer Leadership & Immersion Scholarship Program in India.

MAD creates environmental and literacy programs in India.

MAD launches environmental programs at schools in Tanzania.  

MAD builds a science lab to benefit 500 students.

MAD gets registered as a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

MAD commits to fully supporting twenty-two children at an orphanage in Tanzania.

MAD’s founder arrives into Zambia, Africa and starts helping orphaned children.