Make A Difference Charity Climb Rewards Program

The rewards program is intended for individuals participating in Make A Difference (MAD) Charity Climbs. MAD appreciates our climbers and what they have done to fundraise for the kids!

MAD Charity Climbs Join us as we make a difference together with our amazing charity climbs. Our events offer the chance to make a difference, learn about another culture, take care of your health and explore a new country. Additionally, many of our participants receive tax deductions for their trips, as each event includes service and giving back. All events are perfect for families, corporations, clubs or individuals. For a current list of scheduled charity climbs visit our events page.

Charity Climb Benefits Once a participant has climbed their first summit, MAD will offer a $200 discount off of their second climb, a $300 off of their third climb, and so on up to a $1,000 maximum discount.


Great Wall 2nd climb rewarded $200 discount

Patagonia 3rd climb rewarded $300 discount

Inca Trail 4th climb rewarded $400 discount

Matterhorn 5th climb rewarded $500 discount

Mont Blanc 6th climb rewarded $600 discount

Kilimanjaro 7th climb rewarded $700 discount

McKinley 8th climb rewarded $800 discount

Annapurna 9th climb rewarded $900 discount

Everest 10th climb rewarded $1,000 discount


  1. Discount must be taken advantage of within one calendar year of your last climb.

  2. As the children are our first priority, the discount will not exceed the $1,000 maximum.