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Sponsor A Student

$35 a month is the amount it takes to start sponsoring a child. Sponsorship covers school fees & boarding. Without access to quality education children can't progress towards a brighter future.


$75 is the amount it takes for us to purchase a child's school uniforms. Which include one classroom uniform, one sports uniform, and two pairs of shoes (dress and sports).

School Supplies

$250 is the amount it takes for us to purchase school supplies necessary for success in the classroom for the year. This includes required books, notebooks and math sets to calculators.



$500 is the amount spent per child a year for food in Tanzania. A nutritious diet leads to focus, attentiveness, & better test scores.

Health Checkups

$1,000 for the coverage of all of the children's health checkups. Good health is important so the children can preform their best in school.


General Donations

Make a donation of your choice in any amount. All general donations will be directed towards where they are needed the most. No donation is too small.

Birthday Celebration

$50 is the amount we use to buy a cake and present for each of our children to celebrate their life. We throw one big party for all the kids.