The Progress You’re Making


Education and Career Preparation

Half of our students are now in college. Two recently obtained full ride scholarships; one to Duke University and the other to the University of Scotland.

Our students have come from homes with an average income of $30 a month and now have the earning potential of making $1,000 a month, on average, because of your support. You've already begun to shut the doors of poverty in their lives for good. Now, we just need your help to make sure they obtain careers so they can be self-sufficient. Most are almost there!

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Visit Student Updates for specific details on each kid.


Computer Certified and Empowered

We’ve brought the Internet to schools, paid for 50 + students to get certified in computers to prepare them for the workforce, trained 1,000 girls in empowerment workshops, and 50,000 people have access to computer centers.

We want to do more. This is where you come in! You can help us transform children’s lives by bringing over laptops and conducting small intro to computers workshops.


Community Development

Donations have provided 3,000 novels, as well as mandatory textbooks to schools so that no child will be left behind in their studies. We have also provided 50,000 people access to libraries, computer centers and classrooms in the Kilimanjaro Region.