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Read Before You Go!

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Mandatory Insurance - To ensure that your time with MAD is enjoyable and free from worries, we have made travel insurance compulsory for all programs and events. You must purchase travel insurance on your own. 

Terms & Conditions - Read our Terms & Conditions.

Visas - For information on how to obtain a visa and other important travel information go to Travel.State.Gov (If you are going to Tanzania please read the information below, on the letter you will need to complete as well.)

Salesforce Trips

Must Read!! - Salesforce VTO deck

Tanzania Trips

Must Read! Important Information - Download the MAD Tanzania Guidebook. This book will answer practically every question you could possibly have regarding our program in Tanzania.

Tanzanian Visa - Make a copy of this letter and fill in your information to assist in the process of your volunteer visa.

Immunizations - Review the CDC's required and recommended Immunizations for Tanzania and consult your doctor prior to travel.

Volunteer Checklist - Follow the MAD Countdown Checklist.

Moshi, Tanzania - Read Wikipedia for information about Moshi, the town where you will be staying.

Child Protection Policy - Read MAD's Child Protection Policy.