Group Leader

For Charity Climbs

This document is intended for individuals leading Make A Difference Charity Climbs. We’re extremely appreciative of each leader’s time and energy put forth to help assist the children we support.

Group Leader Benefits

Leaders are expected to help recruit a minimum of six participants in order for their hike to be covered (*some restrictions apply). If the group leader recruits ten or more participants his/her flight will be covered as well.

*Your hike will be free except for the initial deposit of $250 required when you register.

MAD Charity Trip Leader Role and Responsibilities

Charity trip leaders act as international ambassadors representing MAD’s mission to provide quality educational opportunities for vulnerable children and the schools they attend.

The leaders are involved in assisting our executive director (ED) and partner travel agency with recruitments of participants in our charity events, travel arrangements and presentations about MAD. Leaders keep the ED and agency informed about concerns or challenges that develop during the trip which could affect the well-being of participants and/or the overall integrity and productivity of the event. Significant changes in itinerary or contact information need to be communicated to both the ED and agency as soon as they arise.

In order to streamline communication,  MAD’s Charity Trip Leaders are expected to communicate directly to our partner travel agency. The Leader will act as a liaison between the participants and the partner travel agency. There should be minimal communication between the climbers and the partner travel agency.

MAD has carefully chosen the trip leader as one of the primary contacts (besides the local travel agency representative) for the group due to their close relationship to the organization. In cooperation with the ED and agency, trip leaders have the following responsibilities:

1. Knowledge of and access to essential contact information for participants of the event.

2. Trip planning, including travel requirements, program fee and fundraising goal deadlines (listed on MAD’s Website) and a short presentation about MAD’s mission and the children(the night before the trip).

3. Documentation of significant incidents; and familiarity with MAD’s insurance partner, Bupa Global Assistance: +45 70 23 24 60 / Email: or other insurance companies provided by climber’s place of work.

4. Understanding MAD’s policies. Term & Conditions

5. Help ED get participants to register with the local American embassy or their home country embassy.

Program Payment and Fundraising

All money must be received by the deadlines marked. No exceptions.

Matching funds or grants from a company/club to be used for a charity climb must be designated specifically for the charity’s fundraising goal or it will not be able to be utilized. Money cannot be used for one’s personal climb.

MAD issues tax receipts only for money raised for the organization and the children it helps. It’s acceptable to fundraise money for your climb and send money raised to our travel company, but MAD will not issue tax receipts for the payment of your personal climb.

MAD issues no refunds for any matter.

Successful Trip Planning Travel Policies and Preparation Trip Leaders

Help ED and travel agency ensure that all participants have the following before departure:

1. Valid Passport and Visa (if required). If the group is traveling to a country that requires a visa for entry or for stays over a certain number of days, trip participants will need to apply to the Consular Services of that country. Some countries require entry visas, even for short stays or for transit through one country to the next. The requirements will be country-specific, participants can obtain that information from the country’s consulate. You may check with CIBT at for information on visas.  You can find a list of most embassies at

2. Vaccines & Immunizations. It’s important to review the CDC’s website ( about any shots or immunizations that may be needed.

Before the Charity Trip Leader departs they will be provided with our agency’s local contact information for leaders, costs and refund policy (if applicable) and an outline of cultural behavioral expectations. The agency will also provide emergency procedures and basic emergency information, such as the nearest local hospital/clinic and the phone number for emergencies (911 or the equivalent).  

The Charity Trip Leader should encourage all participants to make extra copies of all important documentation and email their passports (front page with contact info), visas, and insurance information to themselves and their group leader. Participants should also review information about local laws, dress, and culturally appropriate behavior. Remind participants to check with their local banks regarding ATM accessibility and/or restrictions. Participants should notify their banks and credit card companies to let them know that they will be abroad to avoid obstacles when withdrawing money or charging expenses.