Who We Help

Talented and Hardworking Youth Needing a Hand Up

The youth we help come from households with monthly incomes of $30 (on average). Most have lost one or more of their parents. They come from impoverished areas in Africa, Peru and Nepal as well as near war zones in Syria and Burundi.

Their desire is to study in peace, free from conflict and worry about how to afford paying for uniforms, books and tuition. The students were picked by tribal chiefs, council members and by the recommendation of teachers. They are ambitious, grateful and hardworking. All have to maintain a minimum of a C average and give back to their communities to continue to receive support.



Revo’s father died when he was nine and his mother is HIV +. Despite all that he has gone through, Revo is overcoming barriers. Read More


At only seven-months-old, Neema’s father passed away and soon after her mother. Find out what Neema’s dream is. Read More


Exuper’s mother died when he was young. His father struggles to survive. Find out what Exuper’s dream is. Read More


Benny gets sad every time he hears of people going out of Tanzania to get good medical care. This has inspired his dream. Read More



Christina is a very strong and competitive girl. She loves to play sports and bike. Find out what Christina’s dream is. Read More


Christopher always wears a smile wherever he goes. His father died and he dreams of helping his mother and village find out how. Read More


Deo lost both of his parents by the time he was five. His grandparents needed help themselves and couldn’t care for him. Read More


His parents died when he was four-years-old. Edward is a great student and is already studying geology at college. Read More



Eliona is full of spirit and always helping others. He lost both of his parents when he was a baby. He has a dream of helping people with brain damage. Read More


Esther’s dream is to be an engineer. Although she comes from extreme poverty, she has two hard-working parents who believe in education. Read More


After losing his parents and living with his blind grandmother, Sydney felt the only way to survive was to start working at 10 years-old. Read More


Gift is a gift! Despite losing his father and struggling to take care of his mother, he loves to giggle and play. His biggest struggle right now is his health. Read More.



Innocent is an artist and has been molded through great loss in his life. He is currently attending KCMC School of Pharmacy and hopes to improve social services in Tanzania. Read More


When Jackie’s parents passed away, she went to work on her grandparents farm. She is motivated to help others and is attending nursing school so that she can. Read More


Jonas has lost both parents and two siblings. Jonas has been accepted to Mweka College of African Wildlife and will be studying wildlife management. Read More


Joseph was bound to working on his grandparent’s farm and couldn’t attend school. Now he is training at Arusha Technical School to become an automotive engineer. Read More



Juma is an incredibly talented soccer player and overall athlete. When he grows up he would like to be a doctor! Read More


Margareth attends one of Tanzania’s best all-girls schools. Her father passed away. Her mother sells vegetables to help care for her. Read More


Despite losing both of her parents, Mary exudes joy. She is a hard worker and dreams of being an orthopedic surgeon one day. Read More


Mwenda was born in Kenya and then moved to Tanzania after his parents passed away. He hopes to be a politician or lawyer one day. Read More



Omega has had severe trauma in her life. Yet, she is filled with love and compassion. Omega is currently attending college in Tanzania to become an accountant. Read More


Peter ran away from an abusive situation at a young age. He now hopes to get an education and make sure that those who used to abuse him are taken care of. Read More


Shaban is currently attending KCMC School of Pharmacy in Tanzania. He enjoys reading running and soccer. Find out about his dream. Read More


Subirah currently attends nursing school and says that Make A Difference brought her from the darkness of the world into the brightness of the world. Read More



Her name means love and she is full of it despite coming from extreme poverty and experiencing great loss. Upendo loves history and hopes to travel to the U.S.A one day. Read More


Arnaud was born in Burundi, a small country in East Africa. He escaped becoming a child soldier with the help of MAD and others. He has progressed in school. Read More


Aya is an accomplished young lady from Syria that had to flee a war zone in order to find refuge and safety. She now attends Riverstone International School in Boise, ID. Read More


Biraj is from Kathmandu, Nepal, his dream is to become a doctor and to be able to help save the needy and the unfortunate. He is shy, hardworking and helpful. Read More