Make A Difference Group Leader for Salesforce Trips

This page will be updated regularly as responsibilities are updated and is intended for individuals leading Make A Differences’ Corporate Responsibility Trips. Make A Difference (MAD) Now is extremely appreciative of each leader’s time and energy put forth to help assist the children we support. Thank you for your willingness to be a leader!

Group Leader Benefits

MAD Now waives the program fee for Group Leaders. However, they still must register and pay their deposit fee of $250 to show their commitment and provide us with their emergency contact details). In return, participants must help recruit a minimum of six participants and facilitate the duties listed below.

Corporate Responsibility Group Leader Role and Responsibilities

The leaders are involved in assisting our executive director (ED) as a single point of contact for the group, coordinating planning sessions, facilitating questions and concerns, as well as recruitments of participants in our corporate responsibility trips. Leaders keep the ED and travel agency informed about concerns or challenges that develop during the trip which could affect the wellbeing of participants and/or the overall integrity and productivity of the event.

MAD has chosen the group leader as one of the primary contacts for the group due to their organizational skills and willingness to lead. In cooperation with the ED, group leaders have the following responsibilities: 

Before the trip

  1. Recruit volunteers for the corporate responsibility trip. A minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 14 volunteers, via Chatter, email, info sessions/webinars, encouraging people to bring a non-SFDC employee, etc.

  2. Group leaders may consider setting up a private Chatter group or email distribution list for communication with participants prior to and following their trip.

  3. Facilitate at least one group meeting to review the following materials and deadlines:

    1. MAD and SFDC overview slide deck including MAD’s mission and the children MAD helps

      1. Encourage participants to read:

        1. Read Before You Go page which includes a guidebook and countdown checklist.

        2. Get to know the kids on the kids' blogs

    2. MAD Visa Requirements Overview gdoc for Missionary Visa and Travisa site

    3. Be prepared to highlight answers to questions already covered in the MAD FAQ document

    4. Emphasize importance of paying all program fees in full at least 30 days prior to departure regardless of where they come from (PayPal, Matching Funds, Champion Grants, etc). MAD Fundraising Talking Points are provided to help facilitate that discussion.

    5. Remind everyone to register in addition to signing up for the trip on the Salesforce Foundation record. These are two separate records for two separate entities.

  4. Collect the following information and submit to ED 30 days prior to departure:

    1. Travel info in a spreadsheet example available here

    2. Ensure all program fees have been submitted and received (this will require multiple reminders through the planning phase).

  5. Get an updated donation list (example here) from the ED and encourage volunteers to bring 2 checked suitcases full of donations (in addition to personal carry-on baggage) to Tanzania as passengers may check 2 suitcases for free between the U.S. and Africa on most airlines. (Passengers should check with their airline to confirm this.)

  6. Relay the itinerary from the ED to the volunteers and lead any discussion to get ready for any on site projects that might require preparation prior to departure.

  7. Add more content to the MAD FAQ document as new questions arise.

  8. Suggest participants join the MAD CSR private facebook group.

  9. Encourage the participants to develop presentations about their careers, what it takes to be a leader, how to develop a plan, a budget, etc before they leave for TZ. This will be a low tech/no tech presentation. No projectors or large TV screens will be available. We encourage participants to bring props from the US, make small posters with diagrams, anything to make the talk engaging. (The kids love these talks!)

During the Trip

  1. Understanding MAD’s policies.
    Help ED get participants to register with the local American embassy or their home country embassy.

  2. Help gather participants for on time departures from hotel and excursions.

  3. Help deliver messages from ED to raise awareness for activities the following day.

  4. Report any questions or concerns to ED or on site contact for MAD.

After the Trip

  1. One week following the trip, send a follow-up email reminding volunteers of upcoming charity climbs stating the discount available for MAD volunteer alumni.

  2. Report back any improvements the group suggests for future trips and document tips suggested by your group for future volunteers in the FAQ document.


  • Train the next group leader by walking them through this MAD Corporate Responsibility Group Leader Roles and Responsibilities document and passing along any tips, access to GoogleDos or folders with additional information, you might have for them based on your own experience.

  • Group leaders may delegate some of the tasks listed above to help manage the load however, the group leader is ultimately responsible for these tasks being completed.

Program Payment and Fundraising

All money must be received by the deadlines marked. No exceptions.

Matching funds or Champion Grants from Salesforce to be used for a corporate responsibility trip must be designated specifically for the corporate responsibility trip or it will not be able to be utilized.

MAD issues tax receipts only for money raised for the organization and the children it helps. It’s acceptable to fundraise money for your program fees, but MAD will not issue tax receipts for the payment of your personal excursions.

MAD issues no refunds for any reason.

For additional questions, check to see if your request is covered in the MAD FAQ document. Talking Points are available to help facilitate discussions around MAD Fundraising are available here.

Successful Trip Planning Travel Policies and Preparation

Help ED and agency ensure that all participants have the following before departure:

1. Valid Passport (passport must be valid 6 months beyond duration of visit) and Missionary Visa.

Read more here regarding the Visa required to volunteer in Tanzania.

If the group is traveling to a country that requires a visa for entry or for stays over a certain number of days, trip participants will need to apply to the Consular Services of that country. Some countries require entry visas, even for short stays or for transit through one country to the next. The requirements will be country-specific, participants can obtain that information from the country’s consulate. You may check with CIBT at for information on visas.  You can find a list of most embassies at

2. Vaccines & Immunizations. It’s important to review the CDC’s website ( about any shots or immunizations that may be needed. Everyone should bring proof of vaccinations just in case.

3. Additional Reminders for All Participants.

  • Group leader should encourage all participants to make extra copies of all important documentation and email their passports (front page with contact info), visas, and insurance information to themselves and an emergency contact. 

  • Participant should also review information about local laws, dress, and culturally appropriate behavior. 

  • Remind participants to check with their local banks regarding ATM accessibility and/or restrictions. Participants should notify their banks and credit card companies to let them know that they will be abroad, and to avoid obstacles when withdrawing money or charging expenses.