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Quality Education for All

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

“Almost 65 million adolescents are without access to a secondary education.”

- Global Citizen

Make a Difference (MAD) Now is a registered 501c(3) award-winning non-profit that has developed a unique model. Upending the status quo of accepting a large number of children but only providing the basic necessities, MAD seeks to concentrate resources on a smaller number of children with quality care.

In many parts of the world—there are children who would give anything to sit in a classroom with a teacher who cares about their futures where they are surrounded by desks, chairs, books, and computers. This scenario represents quality education and, as such, is the single most important gateway to these children’s economic prosperity.

From Orphanage to Duke University in the USA with MADNow.

Our Difference

Changing the Way Vulnerable Children are Helped

Many nonprofits in the world offer basic care to children but very few offer the opportunity to end the cycle of poverty in their lives. Make A Difference (MAD) Now is a registered 501c(3) nonprofit that has taken a unique path. Instead of being focused on a high quantity of children with basic care, we provide quality education and care to a smaller number of youth all the way to college. 
The result has been tremendous. We’re not seeing children just survive but thrive.

Close to 70% of students in Tanzania don’t make it past primary school. Yet, 100% of our students have graduated from primary school and now are either in secondary school or in college working on their careers. They come from households making on average $30 a month and currently have the earning potential of $1,000 or more per month.

Join us on our mission to provide quality education to vulnerable children and youth through scholarships, school improvement and career training programs.

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The Children Need You


Get fit, explore a new country, learn about a new culture and support children with the gift of education. All money raised is used to pay for: school tuitions, required books, uniforms, health care, accommodation and meals for the students.


Learn about the local culture, cuisine and language while you work on projects that give back long term. Great for individuals traveling alone, families, and organizations. Lodging is amidst the snows of Kilimanjaro and just a few hours from the Serengeti.


Our sponsorship program accommodates every budget starting at $35 as a partial sponsor. Sponsorship cover school fees, school supplies, meals, and boarding. Without access to quality education children can't progress towards a brighter future.

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Overcoming Obstacles


Orphanage in Africa to Duke University

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On Her Way to Becoming an Accountant

Neema is on her way to achieving a Bachelor of Commerce and Finance at the University of Dar but her journey hasn’t been easy.
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Escaped Childhood Marriage

Most of the girls from Upendo’s village got married and began having babies by the time they were 13. Upendo almost went down that track as well.
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People now have access

to computer centers, libraries, a basketball court and classrooms in the Kilimanjaro community because of MAD.




are provided each year to the children we support.



Days of education

are provided each year to the children we support.

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