Meet the Children

Make a Difference in a Child’s Life Today

Quality education provides youth with the resources to develop their minds, social skills, a strong network of peers and the ability to educate their villages and their own children in the future. Our students are from countries where school isn’t free. 


How Your Donation is Used

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School Fees

School fees to attend English Medium Schools. Development fee towards school. (At select MAD partner schools.)

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Boarding school & a place to stay at our guest house on school breaks. We also provide students with uniforms & shoes.

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Three nutritious meals are provided everyday: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The children also receive Yearly health checkup’s.

Why Sponsor?

Reasons to Sponsor


By becoming a sponsor you let a child know that you care.


You can help end poverty in a child’s life forever.


Learn about another culture besides your own.

How Sponsorship Works

Three Easy Steps

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Step 1

Choose a child you’d like to sponsor.

Read about the children you can sponsor on our Meet the Children page.

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Step 2

Decide on if you’d like to be a partial or full sponsor.

Your options are available on the individual child’s page that you choose to sponsor.


Step 3

Connect with your child on Skype.

Once you make your first donation you will receive email updates on how to connect with your child.

The Best Gifts Are Ongoing

Monthly Recurring Donations Provide Stability